Dear friends of art,

ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES I show some pictures I’ve drawn or painted during the years. They’re not very numerous, because I haven’t much time for it. As all creations are inalienable and usually don’t leave the house, I deem the internet an appropriate way for exposing them to the beholder’s view. They’re subject to my copyright, of course, and I don’t provide them for free use but just for personal edification.

Besides pencil drawing I prefer watercolour painting as a technique, without attaching importance to the known flowing effect, though. I rather seek to avoid it, and I don’t feel any pain to lighten up spots again that have become too dark by applying opaque white. Thus I use to paint with water colours nearly as it is usually done with oil colours. I’ve also dabbled in oil painting, even made quite a huge and complex preparatory drawing. But soon I’ve had to discover that throughout the year the expensive colours dry faster than I can keep up with painting. Thus, water-based colours just fit my way of working much better.

I’ve roughly divided my work into old pictures and new pictures, a distinction not being meant in a strictly temporal sense, but rather related to different creative periods. The elder ones still stem from school times; some day in senior classes watercolour painting stood on the agenda, and the subject provided for adaptation nearly at will was ‘man and space’. Thus my oldest watercolours just depict a man in the space. Later on, I got more interested in landscape painting and I also made a few dedicated pictures on special occasions. Recently some computer graphics have followed, as for example those typeface pictures illustrating my font pages which I therefore don’t list here again. For the future (as far as I still get around to painting) I’ve planned a series of ‘tolkienesque’ pictures, i. e. pictures showing subjects that are token from our real world but that might as well originate from J. R. R. TOLKIEN’s fictitious world “Middle Earth” and/or that are depicted in a way more or less inspired by TOLKIEN’s œuvre.

More information can be found in each picture’s description. Have fun viewing!

Robert Pfeffer