HERE YOU FIND some of my elder pictures that have partly been drawn or painted already in school. The newest are on top.

Ganymede and the Darkmen

Watercolour, 24 ∙ 15 ½ cm², 1999. — Ought to have become kind of an allegory; on what, I don’t quite know myself. The name “Ganymede” I chose because I liked it and not because I’d set value on its meaning in Greek mythology.

Ganymed und die Dunkelmänner


Hound and Hunter

Watercolour, 24 ½ ∙ 10 cm², 1999. — Once served as an illustration for a previous page on one of my hobbies, hunting.

Jäger mit Hund



Watercolour, DIN A 4, 1998. — A fantasy picture. Who (as a better connoisseur of horses than I am) believes to see faults in anatomy, bridle or the way of holding the reins, must err: That’s just the way it is with a pegasus. The crosses come from my favourite aircraft, the German biplanes of World War I.



… having the World at his Feet

Watercolour, DIN A 4, 1997. — The sequel to the previous picture’s subject, this time viewed from the opposite direction.

dem die Welt zu Füßen liegt


Adloff the Gigantic …

Watercolour, DIN A 4, 1997. — This is my second watercolour picture after all. (The first was an effort hardly worth displaying, which I don’t possess any longer, either.) Once in senior art classes painting with watercolour became an issue, and the set topic was “man and space”. So all I did was depicting a man in space. To make it look particularly impressive, I depicted a particularly impressive​—​superior, superhuman, gigantic​—​man: Adloff the Gigantic. The name “Adloff” I took from a figure that once came to me in a dream: Adloff Uffbruchlokal (‘Adloff Breakup-Pub’), ugly host of a decrepit inn. Unlike the person shown here he rather resembled Mampf of the Knax characters. “OPQR” is for the letters of the alphabet between N and S.

Adloff der Gigantische


Cherub before Paradise

Pencil, 19 ∙ 24 cm², 1997. — One of the cherubim who, according to Genesis 3:24, bar the entry to the Garden of Eden. Together with the previous one and some other drawings, this picture ought to have become part of a collage on the topic “angels” in my art classes at school.

Cherub vorm Paradeis

“… the angel guards the gate no more, to God our thanks we pay.”


Lucifer und Michael

Pencil, 21 ∙ 30 cm², 1997. — Preparatory scrap for a never finished pencil picture in my senior art classes. Ought to have become part of a collage on the topic “angels” together with the above drawing. Shown is the ‘fallen angel’ Lucifer just being defeated by St. Michael the Archangel.

Lucifer und Michael